Handcrafted Fine Acoustic Guitars From the Adirondacks

“From Logs to Lyrics”

BassRock Guitar tonewoods are all local woods. We do it ourselves. We don’t import exotic “trophy woods” from third-world countries. We know where our woods come from – we like that, you should too!. We have excellent woods here, including true Adirondack Red Spruce – and that’s “sinker spruce”! Play the real “Adirondack Guitar” whenever you get the chance!

BassRock Guitars is located on Schroon Lake, NY in the Adirondack Mountains. With the Studio on one side of the lake, the workshop on the other (a short boat ride away), and a storage garage on the mountaintop, the lake and woods become the medium for everything.

Adirondack Red Spruce is considered to be the best wood in the world for the top of an excellent acoustic guitar. On the bottom of Schroon Lake (and other water bodies in the Adirondacks) we have exceptional “sinker” spruce logs waiting to be made into exceptional guitars. Handcrafted custom built acoustic guitars from the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, featuring historic Adirondack woods and burl inlay with pearl accents.

Comfort, sound and extreme beauty wrapped in one….

luthier: Eric Bright

About Us

BassRock Guitars are handcrafted fine acoustic guitars from the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. These beautiful guitars feature historic Adirondack woods and burl inlay with pearl accents...

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Our Guitars

A custom guitar for those players who appreciate a work of art with nicely balanced resonance and sustain. These are not like any other guitars you’ve seen or played! Comfort, sound and extreme beauty...

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Our Process

Adirondack Spruce is considered to be the best top for an acoustic guitar. Some of the best Adirondack Spruce logs are on the bottom of our Adirondack lakes, leftover from the logging days of the 1800s...

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